We are experts in manpower management be it our recruitment of the right talent, our accurate and prompt disbursement of salary and statutory remittances or our great workmanship in solving employee grievances and complying with ever changing laws. We know manpower outsourcing inside-out.  We offer our clients a very technically sound service. The compliance of Indian laws is not meant for the inexperienced. We constantly foresee the developments in the field of employee outsourcing and apply them to our client's benefit.


02Executive Hiring

There are many reasons organizations turn to us for their executive search needs. It could be a lack of ready-now internal talent to lead during difficult times; expansion into new markets or geographies requiring different knowledge and skills; inadequate resources or time constraints restricting their ability to recruit; or circumstances requiring third-party involvement to ensure transparency and eliminate potential conflicts of interest. Search requires a sophisticated blend of industry knowledge to understand business needs, assessment science to mitigate risk, and the subtle art of human relations to find the perfect match. We help our clients in getting the best executive manpower resources as we have masters all these areas. While the world has changed radically in the decades, some principles still hold fast.

03Middle level management hiring

Mid level management hiring is the intermediate management of a hierarchical organization that is subordinate to the executive management and responsible for at least two lower levels of junior staff. Unlike the line management, middle management is considered to be a senior (or semi-executive) management position, with respective salary and a package of benefits. Middle managers' main duty is to implement company strategy in the most efficient way. Their duties include creating effective working environment, administrating the work process, making sure it is compliant with organization's requirements, leading people and reporting to the highest level of management. We give our clients the best quality of employers through with both can be in profit. Shrine successfully.